Hey guys!


Since it is New Years I wanted to quickly share some of my thoughts on my health regimen, mostly because I have ditched it these last few months (#holidays) and I need to write this as a personal reminder to help get myself back on track…


Like so many, I am a busy person, so eating right and exercising is usually something I have to pre-plan otherwise I’m forced to make quick choices which are usually bad choices, and then I get off track and then all of a sudden it’s summer and I’m screwed.


I’m a pretty lazy meal prepper—meaning I don’t like to spend hours in the kitchen preparing and portioning food out for my week—so I’m always looking for options that are healthy and CLEAN, but also save me precious family time (aka laundry time) …


And so, I have adapted some of my favorite healthy recipes and created Low and Slow To Go Paleo Starter Kits! Most of all of our Starter Kits are already very healthy but fail to miss the Paleo mark by a few ingredients, so it is nice to have a line of products that adhere the healthy gold standard that the Paleo label demands. Oh, and they’re delicious… (Pictured: White Chicken Chili, Chili)

But, Paleo or not, it’s impossible to eat Crockpot meals all day everyday (I have tried), so I  began looking for a solution that encompasses all of my very important criteria:

  1. Please don’t make me cook
  2. Please don’t make me think
  3. Please don’t take up my time
  4. Please make me feel and look better


Luckily for me, I was introduced to a company called Arbonne and a program called “30 Days to Healthy Living.”


Arbonne promotes essential nutrition products that are CLEAN (score!) and the Healthy Living Program provides clean Protein Shakes, Fiber, Detox Tea, Greens Powder, and Energy Fizz to get you through the day! And my favorite part is, the program tells you WHAT to consume, and WHEN to consume it, therefore giving all ten of my hardworking brain cells a deserved break in the “fretting about my diet” department.

So my meal regimen goes something like this:


Wake Up: Detox Tea

Breakfast: Protein Shake and Fiber


Morning Snack: Water, Fizz Stick, Apple


Lunch: Protein Shake and Fiber OR Paleo Meal


Afternoon Snack: Water, Fizz Stick, Almonds


Dinner: Paleo Meal


You may have already concluded that for the Paleo meal I’m going super easy and using my Low & Slow To Go Paleo Starter Kits. Since one kit has 6-8 servings, it usually lasts me a couple of days in the fridge or freezer, the only variable being whether or not my husband A) eats it all or B) steals it and takes it to work like he does with my Energy Fizz Sticks..


I so am excited for Low & Slow to collaborate with Arbonne and hopefully create a clean, healthy meal regimen that is effective for all of who are overly busy (lazy?) and JUST NEED A PROGRAM THAT WORKS minus all the prepping and thinking!

DO IT WITH ME !! You can find all the products I’ve mentioned in the “Shop” page of my website! Happy 2020 and here’s to a better you! And me!!

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