Hello and welcome to my blog for Low and Slow To Go!

My name is Tess Bates. I am 29 years old and am new to the Boerne area, although I was born and raised not far from here in Kerrville, Texas.

My family and I just relocated here from Lubbock where my husband (Tanner) is from, where I went to school and have lived for the past decade, and where both my kids (Gunnar, 4 and Harper, 1) were born. We love West Texas, but it has always been our dream to be able to someday raise our kids in the Hill Country, so when the right opportunity presented itself we didn’t hesitate to make the move and establish ourselves firmly in Boerne for what we hope will be a very, very long time.

The Boerne community is amazing, and while it is hard to have West Texas permanently in the rear view mirror, we look forward to making new memories and friendships here in the Hill Country!

But before I go any further with introductions, I would just like to establish my for this blogspace…

Although this blog is connected to my business and will largely pertain to crockpot starter kits–how they’re made and some practical applications for them–what I really want is the chance (and space) to be vulnerable with you about this process—about being a mom, a wife, and now a small business owner–and to expose what it means to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

I must admit I have ALWAYS wanted to write a blog but have never felt confident enough in my content to publish my thoughts. However, as I edge closer to thirty, work full time, and manage my family and our ever growing to-do list, I realize that not only am I NOT interested in the pursuit of perfection (neither in a writing sense nor existentially) but I also don’t have TIME to overthink anything. And so, my hope here is to purport content that lands at the heart and soul level—far from perfect, but 100% with love.

And truly my mission in creating these meal kits is to save us all precious time in the kitchen, so that we can collectively concentrate on what matters most to us. For me, that’s health and spending more time with my loved ones, running a business, and crossing “blogger” off of my bucket list.

I’m so glad you’re here for the journey. I promise to be a sliver of authenticity both on the internet and within the food industry.

I am very excited to offer you the highest quality crockpot meal that I can.