“For is there any practice less selfish, any labor less alienated, any time less wasted, than preparing something delicious and nourishing for people you love?” – Michael Pollan

Our mission at Low and Slow To Go is to help you achieve making wholesome, nourishing meals that you can feel confident about feeding your loved ones. We place a huge emphasis on ingredients here, and I stand by the claim that I will never sell you food I wouldn’t feed my own family, or eat myself for that matter.

So, I set out to create Starter Kits that eveyone could consume and enjoy confidently by either minimizing or eliminating over-processed ingredients that we as Americans sometimes consume blindly.

For example, one of crockpot cooking’s staple ingredients–especially in casseroles–is Cream of Chicken.

I scoured the market and quickly realized that in order to reduce the processing, I would have to make my own from scratch. At first, I thought by making simpler recipes that I would be sacrificing flavor and texture, only to find out the opposite is true. Homemade Cream of Chicken is one-thousand times better tasting than the canned variety.

So we ditched the processing and gained a whole lotta wholesome flavor. We use 4 ingredients: Organic Chicken Broth, Whole Milk, Flour, and a variety of spices. So if you buy the Chicken Spaghetti Starter Kit, or the Potato Soup Starter Kit, or many others, you will forever be spoiled by the layers of flavor you can only get from scratch cooking.

All the other ingredients undergo similar scrutiny. For example we special order pepperoncini peppers to forgo the ‘Yellow 5’ found in almost all peppers on the shelves, so when you purchase our Mississippi Roast Starter Kit, you’ll be serving up nourishing food sans the invisible yucky stuff.

We also forgo any chicken or beef base with MSG (which dominate the market) and strictly use Organic bases. The same goes for the notorious Onion Soup and Ranch spice mixes we all know and love. We make our own clean ranch and onion soup powders, so that when you’re feeding your family Creamy Ranch Chicken, you know deep down your children aren’t consuming MSG.

And for many of you, some of these ingredients may not be the health-altering outlaws that they are for others, but for those who are a little more sensitive, we are happy to provide some options you can feel comfortable consuming.

You’ll note that this post does not contain any scientific claims [insert science here], and that is because I’m not a nutritionist–I’m a mom, daughter, and sister just trying to make a product I feel proud to sell. I look forward to learning all there is to know about ingredients.

Also, please be advised that some of Starter Kits do include ingredients like soy sauce or hoisin sauce which contain wheat and gluten amongst other ingredients. If you are concerned for health reasons about the contents of the kits, please refer to the ingredient listing on the back of the package or in the product description on the webpage. I’m also more than happy to “come clean” (hah) and answer any further questions you may have regarding our products.

A side note, all our kits are manufactured in a commercial kitchen in compliance with the Health Code. We are licensed and permitted to manufacture food in Texas and are regularly inspected by the Boerne Health Department and the State.